In the Kitchen.

Though it is sad that I cannot do much of anything in the garden right now, I did call one of my favorite stores, Urban Farm Store, last week and talked with a gentleman for about 15 minutes. It re-energized me. I am getting ready to put up cloches and start to dry out the soil and he reminded me that it is still too dark to really grow anything. He told me that I should be starting seeds inside and under light. He is right….I should do something about that! But, I am still going to put up my cloches. I have a tendancy to want to do things my way and since I am still learning and can be terribly wrong in the garden, I am ok with total failure.

This experience has reminded me that even though I cannot garden, I can cook. And I am cooking, and I am blogging about it, even if my pictures are not good enough for Foodgawker and suck by all standards of good food photography. So I should have thought of this sooner. I re-named the blog. We are not chronicling my garden in these cold days, but rather my adventures in the kitchen. The garden will return, we will see if the name does.

However, I don’t want to neglect the garden and I don’t want its beauty to be forgotten. Instead, I hope you develop the same yearning for it that I have.

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