Valentine’s…Our Way.

Sunday morning I received a very nice “Happy Valentine’s Day” from my husband. I replied, “It’s the 13th.” He said, “Hmmm” and checked his calendar only to realize he had been looking at August. So he scrolled back as far as April and said matter-of-factly, “So it is on Thursday.” I think he must have forgotten that I had just told him it was the 13th. I reminded him it was on Monday and he looked back at the calendar and looked up sheepishly…April. Cute.

We are not terribly into holidays, in case you could not tell, let alone tier three holidays like Valentines Day. But we do appreciate each other and decided we could have grilled pizza and some tasty wine and beers. What you have below are the makings of a Valentines Day dinner. We accompanied our meal with a Blazers win over the Timberwolves.


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  1. Hehe~ ur husband is so cute..
    Yesterday, I was drunk at a bar… for not having a girlfriend to celebrate?
    But anyway, I love your pizza! It looks so attractive even I finished my lunch 1 hour ago ~~~~(>_<)~~~~
    I wanna share with you my favorite eggplant pizza!
    Happy valentine's day!

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