Planting Log – Entry 1.

I decided today that I want to keep a planting log. I will include last week’s plantings here so they are documented too.


I seeded indoors last weekend in flats. These seeds are in sterile seedling mix that does not contain soil. They will need to be transplanted in about 5-6 weeks. Once the first true leaves develop the plants will want to photosynthesize so they can grow. For most of the seedlings, they are at this point this weekend. The seeds have been in the window and we have also supplemented with shop lights to encourage growth. They are getting about 10-12 hours of light per day. Now that they have leaves I will give them food in the form of liquid fertilizers. They need this as soil is generally where they get their nutrients when they are growing.

Green Cabbage – Parel Hybrid Lettuce – Esmarelda Butterhead
Kohlrabi – Kohlribi Hybrid Lettuce – Montectio Romaine
Kohlrabi – Early White Vienna Broccoli – Packman Hybrid
Quinoa – Rainbow Bok Choi – Prize Choi
Experiment: Radicchio – Heirloom

Every time I plant it seems that I do something that “I am not supposed to”. EVERY gardener has their own opinion and they often they contradict one another. My deduction is that instead of listening to them all until my head explodes…I will have my own to. So, the result is that I have been experimenting. Mostly I am looking for a happy accident, but also I want to make sure the directions on the back of the seed packs make sense. Generally speaking I use the seed packs as a general guideline for planting. So with this planting I threw in some radicchio. The pack clearly states that one should plant this little gem in late summer. So, I thought winter might pass. They have sprouted and I think I will harden them off and transplant them more quickly than the others. I will keep you posted.


I planted one box yesterday. The box is cloched with agricultural plastic, 6 mil with a layer of frost fabric to absorb moisture and keep too much condensation from dripping on the seedlings.

Mesclun – Uprising Spicy Mix Beets – Early Wonder & Golden
Lettuce – Groumet Blend Swiss Chard – Brilliant Rainbow
Spinach – Regal Hybrid Carrots – Parisian Market
Lettuce – Romaine Turnips – Purple Top White Globe


Today was our experimental planting day. I have been researching the ability to grow potatoes in the winter. I have learned it is possible, you just have to keep the soil fairly dry. I have been contemplating putting some in the ground under cloche. As luck would have it for me, I was checking on my seeder potatoes yesterday (I make my own, and laugh at those that pay $5 at the store for 2 potatoes with eyes!), and I found that three of the fingerlings I saved were starting to leaf. I have read that you have to get them in the ground before they do that. So I split the eyes and left them to dry so I could put them in the ground today. This is experimental in two ways, so I will not know why they fail if they do. 1) they leafed. 2) it is February.

Strictly speaking I like to make food for our family, but at the end of the day, I am not afraid of something not working. It is ok if one of my experiments fails. It is ok if the garden doesn’t do well because I planted outside too early. I am learning  and the best way to do it is be unafraid. How will I ever know what is possible if I do not try. So if you have always though of gardening, but fear of the unknown is holding you back, I give you the motivation and the sense of security to give it a try.

I also did some inside sowing today. Not much, but there were some seeds that I forgot last week and I have some extra space in one of the flats, so these little buggers will get a chance after all!

Tat Soi – Rosette Green Broccoli – Calabrese
Lemon Grass Cilantro

Happy Planting!

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