The Small Bits – Version 1.0.

I am going to start a series called The Small Bits. It is likely that the photos will often be “donated” by the hubby as he is the better of the two of us at taking photographs. This first post will be compliments of my self though. The point of this series will be to feature growth, both edible and not. Greenery that graces my garden all months of the year, that gives me that wholesome feeling. The little bits that can be overlooked. The most amazing growth efforts that keep a plant hardy all season, that bring a once dormant and idle plant back to full life, the amazing spread of some spices.

This fern, which is now located in three separate places was never planted. We have never purchased a fern, never planted or transplanted a fern, and there were no ferns in our yard when we moved into our house. There are many ferns that are native to Oregon. I love the look of them, nestled in with the moss and lichen and I am delighted that we have a very active one that has decided to grace our garden with its presence. I only hope it continues to spread about.

The crimson clover is still two months from flowering, but it is getting a lot taller and so much fluffier. It is so soft to touch, it would make a great robe!

The hens have weathered well and look comfy nestled in the Irish moss and amongst garden rocks. They are waiting for warm weather when they can send their chicks out to gather the sun and grow to be hens themselves.

And I could not help myself…there are two edible tag alongs in this update. The first is our hardy kiwi. This coming summer will be its fourth. Last year was the first year it bore fruit, but without enough heat they never got bigger than a pea. I did taste them and sure enough, it was a very young, under developed kiwi. We will see what happens with the weather, however, it did make A LOT of greenery last year. I had to prune the heck out of it in the fall. We need to build a trellis for it….perhaps this year will be the one.

The second is a strawberry shoot. We have had our strawberry box since 2006. It moved with us from our last rental in a big pot. When we got to the new house we moved it into a large box (2×3). It has sent off shoots and now lives in the wine barrels on either side of its box. It is spreading, but it is ok. With luck it will make enough strawberries for the humans at this house to have some too. Currently we make only enough for the dogs, who by the way wander around the garden picking until their little lab hearts are content. It is like a snack time smorgasbord every day after work. I have lost zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, every strawberry I have, all raspberries below my knees, and more!


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