The Small Bits – Version 1.1.

So it has been cold, cold, cold. But the growth outside continues. The amazing little bursts of color that have joined us, the buds on the trees, the resilience of nature bouncing back for spring despite below freezing temperatures.

Snow persists on the northeast side of my boxes where the sun does not shine.

My azalea has spent all winter putting its energy into forming these buds. In the spring it will flower in the most vibrant and beautiful shade of orange.

Peonies are one of the earliest to bloom when the weather thinks of warming. Already poking through the soil, waiting to put up buds for the ants to open.

One of the neighbor's have an iris that decided to brave the weather and has already bloomed. So resilient to withstand temperatures in the teens through the night.

The wind was blowing hard enough to keep this little soul fighting to stay standing.

Our Centennial hop has started to show signs of life.

Little crocus peak through the snow, guarded by the lavender. I hope they will wait to bloom for some nice cozy. sunny weather.

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