Planting Log – Entry 2.


Planted Oregon sugar peas today. Used inoculant and fresh compost in the planting. They are in the same location the peas were last year. This is a new variety for us. We will let know you when there are any changes!


I had my second Oregon Tilth class tonight. We talked about flowering plants like tomaotes and peppers. I have held of planting and of these seeds until after this class so I could get their opinion and perspective first. I have planted peppers from seed in the past and last year did about 7 varieties. However, tomatoes were only experimental for me last year. I planted one variety from seed and the rest were purchased as starts. Now, last year was no good for flowering plants here in Oregon, but my tomatoe did make abour three fruits! This year I am planting my tomatoes exclusively from seed and will be trying 6 varieties.

I will be planting tomatoes on 3/5.


We have purchased shop lights for the seeds. I was resistant to do so, for no particular reason, but at my class I learned that the lights really serve several purposes. First and of course, they help with photosynthesis. But what I did not realize is that they also keep the sprouts from growing too tall too fast. My seedlings always shoot up and I always think, how with that lettuce or broccoli form if it is three inches tall. Well, there is a reason they tell you to put lights just one inch above the soil or sprout….keeps the plant short while it develops! So, I bought lights.

Today I replanted a bunch of seeds so I can compare. I also planted these in potting soil, not soilless mix. We will see who does better.

Green Cabbage – Parel Hybrid Lettuce – Esmarelda Butterhead
Quinoa – Rainbow Lettuce – Montectio Romaine
Experiment: Seed in soil top with seeding mix to avoid any chunks blocking first growth

Planting Update: 2/13 seeding - First true leaves on the Purple Kohlribi on 2/27

Coming soon, Eric’s guest post about our light set up.

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