“Creamed” Chipped Beef.

Nope, not the creamed chip beef that you purchase frozen, boil in a bag, and dump over white Wonder bread toast. Though, that is also one of those strange things I ate as a child. The appetizer I speak of has a name I am sure, but I don’t know what it is. So I have resorted to calling it “Creamed” Chipped Beef Dip because it is very reminiscent of the aforementioned childhood delicacy.

It occurred to me after writing about Polish popsicles that there is a myriad of dishes I grew up with that I no longer eat. I think that most of it stems from how I cook and not from what we eat. I make almost everything from scratch. The many dishes that bring back nostalgia and memories from childhood are quick dishes that could be prepared on a busy weeknight or from holiday celebrations or special occasions.

Most of the childhood dishes I am going to recreate here are things I did not get to eat all of the time. Polish popsicles and cream cheese beef dip are two of those things. Also of note, these things all have one thing in common for me, they are things I loose self control over and gobble down without a second thought. There are several foods off the top of my head I think of that fall into this “gobbling” category. Not all of them are items I no longer eat, but here are a few that make the cut: Polish popsicles, black olives, sour cream, pigs in a blanket (croissant wrapped lil smokies), frozen items like chicken nuggets and tater tots and ANYTHING WITH CHEESE.

Lots of people have a “No” list of food they don’t eat. Be it for health or diet, for control or conviction. A lot of time these are sweet things, or bags of potato chips. I suppose most of my no list items are there because of conviction. I do believe that one should cook from scratch everything they can whenever they can. But we all have ghosts in the closet, little devils that sneak out once in a while and get the best of us.

The result for me in having this realization and in having made Polish popsicles and opened the lid of Pandora’s box a little, is that I am going to embrace it, one dish at a time. And as you will quickly realize about many of these dishes, though not all, there is a common ingredient…cream cheese…perhaps another one of my favorite foods? I think so!

As an aside though, I do eat black olives – by the can, the entire can. In the same way my parents only opened cans during holidays, I only allow them in the house if the recipe calls for it. There is something that happens to my rationale and self control as soon as the can opener hits the aluminum on this one! I distinctly remember the first time I went to the grocery store after moving out of my parents house and realizing I could buy cans of black olives and as much cheese as my little hands could carry.

Alright already, back to the point, “Creamed” Chipped Beef Dip is a creation my mother used to make at Christmastime. It is simple to make and anything but simple to stop eating.

In a food processor, blender, or by hand combine the following ingredients:

12 oz cream cheese

1-2 T Worcestershire sauce (homemade if you can..recipe coming soon!)

1 jar (5 oz) Hormel Dried Beef (if you are doing this by hand chop it up!)

Run a knife through the meat three times before putting it in the food processor.

Run the food processor for 10 seconds.

Add cream cheese and Worcestershire sauce and mix for 10 seconds. Using a spatula, scrape everything back into shape and mix for another 5 seconds.

When it looks like this you are done.

Serve with crackers, Triscuits are my personal favorite.

On deck, cream cheese croissant cookies. Yup.

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