Planting Log – Entry 3.


Tomatoes!!! First year for the “only from seed tomatoes.” I am not going to buy any starts unless all of my seedlings sprout and die or the weather fails to cooperate again and all of the seedlings sprout, get too big and inevitably don’t produce well. I seeded six varieties. I also procured some free gallon nursery pots for transplanting. I planted in dirt with a little seedling mix on top as that method seems to have worked for the last batch.


Momotaro Hybrid – 70 days, dark pink slicers

Cherokee Purple – 85 days (my favorite heirloom), giant and purple!!

Golden Honey Bunch Hybrid – 65 days, grape tomato, large sweet clusters of golden-orange fuit

Northern Delight – 65 days, short and determinate, ultra-early

Sweet Pea Current – 62 days, tiny, sweet, ruby red

Japanese Black Trifele – Left from last year, seeded well, weather was too cool and it stunted, grew a few small fruits

Four starts of each variety should give me some chance to get strong plants going.


Today I seeded three types of lettuce/lettuce mixes in pots. I did one pot of “Uprising Spicy Mix” Mesclun which is also just starting to sprout in one of the covered beds.The Uprising Seeds website says that I will have baby greens in 30 days, can’t wait! It also lists these as some of the varieties in this mix: Mixed red, green, and speckled lettuces, arugula, red giant mustard, wrinkled crinkled cress, ruby streaks, amongst others.

I also planted two pots of the Territorial Seed Company’s Alfresco Blend. This mix is said to contain: lettuces, arugula, endive and radicchio. This mix was a bit of a splurge for me as it was higher priced. Because of this I have very high expectations for it!

Lastly, I planted a pot of plain old lettuce leaf, salad bowl blend comprised of both green and red leafed lettuce.

I am so excited for greens season. The greens in the covered box that were planted several weeks ago are coming up and the weather has been avoiding frost for a week or so. We still have frost danger for a little over four weeks,but the average last date is nearing quickly. As a reward for last season, I hope we get an early spring that leads into a lovely summer!!


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