Planting Log – Entry 4.

3/15 – Oh the Ides. But really, I planted broccoli and purple kohlrabi that was seeded on 2/13 today in one of the cloched boxes. I need to get more in the ground, but we had to put up a third cloche. On top of that it is raining, POURING, and not stopping! Seems daunting…did I mention it is the Ides? Beware. (just a note, the photo below was snapped on 3/19…when it stopped pouring!)

3/17 – It was pepper day! Planted early jalapeños, regular jalapeños, mixed hot peppers, scotch bonnets, and one single variety of orange bell. All of these were from last year, but have been stored in zip lock bags all year. We will see what takes or if we have to use starts as a back up. I have never had much luck starting peppers from seed. It is just too cold here. Though hot pepper starts do well in the jalapeño and ancho varieties. Maybe we will have a really warm summer…oh I hope!! As a side note Saturday is the first farmers market in Portland for the season!

3/19 – I finally got the cabbage starts from 2/13 into the ground today. We did not get the plastic up in time and needed to let the soil de-saturate a bit. But today was a fantastic day and gave us the opportunity to finally get them in the free space next to some onions and garlic planted last fall.

Also, an update on the seeds direct sowed on 2/19. Turnips are winning the race right now!


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