Grilled Albacore Tuna with Parsley Sauce.

For my birthday a while back I got a crazy cast iron contraption for the grill called a plancha with a gift card to Sur La Table from my sister-in-law. I got it for the hubs, as he is my exclusive griller, smoker, and meat preparer….once it steps out of my kitchen, it is in his realm. I like it that way, which is why I spent my present on him…it was really on me in a round-about way! Last week we tried out some Yellow Fin steaks that had been simply marinated in salt, pepper, and olive oil. They turned out great!

The nice thing about the plancha is that it does not require the use of foil or a lot of oil on the grill grates. The main struggle with seafoods and fishes on the grill is getting past the sticking and/or flaking issue. Even if you let it cook all the way before flipping you can run into trouble. But with the solid surface of the plancha and the wonderful cast iron materials that have been pre-seasoned and conduct heat perfectly you don’t have the aforementioned issues.

The plancha has also made me think outside the box in my recipes. We don’t just have to use olive oil to avoid sticking anymore. Once I stepped out of the box on the fish, I started thinking about recent spring cravings for pesto and fresh basil…which I do not have yet. So my mind drifted to what I do have, what is currently green in the garden, and no I do not mean the moss!! Rather, it is the parsley and chives, the lone soldiers of early spring green that is already big enough to eat from my garden Right.Now.

And so commenced the idea that I would make a parsley sauce to go over our grilled albacore steaks all accompanied by some simple buttered carrots and grilled artisan bread. The carrots were great because their sweetness and butteriness complimented the parsley flavor well. Additionally, the bread really anchored the meal, but you could do some rice or something instead. In all, this dish was great, fresh, and really rounded. I so very much enjoyed it.



4 or 6 – 8oz Albacore Tuna steaks (Trader Joe’s has good prices, you could also use Yellow Fin or Mahi Mahi)

3 T olive oil

juice and zest of one lime

1 t jalapeno salt (of course kosher will work fine!)

1 t pepper

Combine oil through pepper with a fork.

Drizzle over fish, turning fish to coat. Put fish in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes, flipping steaks once.

While you are waiting on the fish prep the ingredients for your sauce.You will want to start the sauce when the grill is started. The plancha takes 15 minutes to heat up…and so will the grill if using foil (get it to 400), and the fish should take about 4 minutes per side depending on thickness. This should be enough time to make the sauce if someone else is doing the grilling…if not, you should use the grill pan so you can do both at once.

Sauce (enough for 6 steaks)

3/4 c loosely packed, chopped Italian parsley

3 T chopped chives

2 T butter

3-3 1/2 T flour

1 1/2 c 1% milk (really any kind will work, except maybe skim, also you might need a little more)

1/2 t kosher salt

1/2 t pepper

Melt butter over medium heat and add flour. Cook the roux over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add milk with a whisk and increase heat to medium-high, stirring constantly. As the mixture begins to bubble reduce heat to medium-low and add herbs, salt and pepper.

If the sauce thickens too much for your liking, add milk 1 T at a time, mixing thouroughly between additions. Serve over grilled fish.


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