Planting Log – Entry 5.

3/20 – Happy first day of spring everyone! Today we got three new covers up for the beds. All three have open ends and have been put up because we need to dry out the soil. The potato bed is now covered and awaiting dry enough soil to plant. I have four varieties of seed potatoes I got to try out this year. With a little luck, and some warm, dry weather I will get to share them with you next week.

I also got a cloche over the pea patch. The peas only take up a little space in the bed because I will train them up the trellis once they grow. I hope to get radishes and beets in the rest of the bed when the soil dries a bit.

The last bed we covered today was our first ever garden bed. It is in the shade of the garage most of the day and works wonderfully for growing lettuces and kohlrabis. It gets nice morning sun and just a small bit of afternoon sun. This is excellent because we can pull off cool weather crops all summer long. We need to get this soil dried out because I still have some lettuces and bok choi seedlings that need to get into the soil…stat!!

As for actual plantings today, I transplanted cilantros into a pot. I am worried about them as they were not looking great in the start pods and were difficult to transplant. I will see if they make it. If not, or if so after they are eaten, I will direct sow into the pot I picked for them.

The last thing I planted today I am almost 100% sure will not grow. This is just a shot in the dark, but I read you can put horseradish root in a pot and it will grow. I did three of them, we will see….

3/21 – Potato Experiment update: They are growing…just fine!!! I have to keep covering them with more soil because they continue to insist on popping out. Good sign!

3/24 – Did some planting today. I think I was a little late on some of these and a little early on the others. I figure I have enough plastic out there to make them grow if I need to, or to protect them if they are too early.

On the roster, Honey Rock Cantaloupe (seeds did not grow last year…we will see what the cloches can do), Sorcerer Pumpkin (seeds also did not grow last year….pumpkins are hard!), Pretty Purple Pepper, Thai Hot Pepper, Bush Delicata (first try into winter squash).

I was going to plant cucumbers but decided to wait a few more weeks.

In other news,

2/28 Parel Cabbages

The basil is growing....going to plant some more tomorrow as you can never have enough basil!


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