Planting Log – Entry 6.

3/26 – Got the lettuce and bok choi starts planted. Along with some radicchio. I also direct seeded some radishes, beets, and carrots.

Below is also a seedling update from each of the beds.

Lettuces, bok choi and radicchio.

Radicchio, looking good considering the package told me not to plant it!

Despite the brussels sprouts looking like they were going to make veggies...

...They have all bolted and now I don't know what to expect. This could be the end for them, but they are still amazing, planting last September and still here today.

The kohrabis and broccolis are doing well.



Direct sown romaine.

Peas sown as a cover crop last October. They are really bushing out and will start to get flowers soon!

Golden Beets.

Rainbow chard.

More to plant!

Getting there!


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