Planting Log – Entry 7.

4/2 – Tomatoes.

Today we moved the tomatoes planted on 3/7 to 1 gallon containers. They will have plenty of room to continue growing for the next 4-6 weeks until they go outside. We moved 15 plants as we did not have room to get the rest in and under lights. I have to figure out what to do with the remaining 9 seedlings.



4/3 – Potatoes.

This year I am planting four varieties of potatoes in addition to the experimental ones planted earlier in the year. Upon cutting my seeds I ended up with 39 potatoes. I only have space for 21 so I gave the neighbor 12 and picked the strongest 21 left to plant in my bed. The four varieties are Purple Majesty, Caribe, Yukon Gold, and Princess la Ratte (a fingerling).

Fingerlings are the best potato to plant. They are so expensive at the store and so easy to grow at home!

This little fingerling looks as though he should be saying, "Take me to your leader!"

The Purple Majesty chitted quickly!

Looks like it is just reaching out to grab you!

The Yukon Gold did not have as many good eyes as the others. We will see how long it takes them to come up.

The Caribe is new to me, claims to be mature in 70 days!

The potato holes that will soon become hills.

Happy planting!

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