Sautéed Garlic Fiddlehead Ferns.

The real name of this post should be something about my adventures with fiddlehead ferns, because that is what I feel I had. Our farmers market opened a few weeks ago and has been highlighting spring specialty veggies: nettles, rabe, unique mushrooms, kales. One of the interesting items that you can only get this time of year is the fiddlehead from an edible kind of fern. For anyone out there that really likes these, skip the next sentence. I am not so sure that these are actually edible…they are that bad on my pallet.

I got my 1/2 pound of fiddleheads home and rinsed them. Cut the ends off. Threw them in a sauté pan with 1 T of butter and 2 cloves of minced garlic at medium to medium-high heat and sauteed them for about 10 minutes. They seemed cooked but still maintained some crispness. I read you should not overcook them. I added a splash of balsamic vinegar as I removed them from the heat and served them aside some potatoes and burgers.

I love bitter foods. All of them. But these were so bitter it was just not enjoyable. Even the hubs did not like it! But he did share that if he were stuck in the woods he would eat them. And so he should, they are full of vitamin A and C.

I think the photos are prettier than these were tasty, but if this is your thing, good for you, eating a nice early spring item.

Good luck?

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