Smoked Tri-Tip Roast.

We love to smoke, which you already know if you read my posts with any frequency, and you also know that I mean meats. We love to smoke meats. But I want to branch out. One thing I am really looking forward to this summer, when the garden gets going, is experimenting with smoked veggies. In the mean time though, we have to smoke something, right? Poultry is getting old so we decided to branch out to beef.

When I think of beef on the smoker I think of two things, beef ribs and brisket. But the hubs and I had a different idea. We have a go to cut of beef when we want steak or roast. Our favorite for grilling is the tri-tip roast, for steaks too. This was not a cut I was familiar with until coming to the West Coast, but one everyone should seek out and add it to their repertoire. Lean, tender, and a fantastic replacement for any steak, if cooked properly. There are two roasts per animal, so you won’t find these just anywhere. I suggest a specialty market or butcher shop.

They come as a whole roast, or you may see shops cut them into steaks. Do not buy the steaks, it is a bad thing to do to a good cut of beef. Instead purcahse the whole roast and grill the whole thing or cut in half and do two seperate meals. Either way, do not make steaks, slice after cooking. For the purpose of smoking, we will be using the entire roast.


2.5-2.75 lb Tri-Tip roast

1/4 C Pappy’s Choice Seasoning

2 light beers

Presoak oak chips (we used bourbon barrel chips) for at least an hour, overnight works too! Get the smoker cooking, fill the water container with two beers and water and rub the meat with the Pappy’s.

Our smoker is electric so it does not take to much time to heat up and get smoking. Smoke at 220 for 2 to 2.5 hours for medium-pink roast (best way). Internal meat temperature should be about 140.

Add more wood chips after one hour.


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