Happy Birthday Grandma!

Most people start their lives with two grandmas. I too did that. My two grandmas quickly became four and then six through the series of events that is divorce. Then I got married and got two more. In the same way that they so quickly multiplied, they also went away. Life is fickle and death inevitable. Last week I told you about one of my grandmas, the one who inspired me to grow and cook. This is not that grandma. This is the other of my first two grandmas. Neither one is with us anymore and to the detriment of everyone who knew them.

This grandma is my perseverance hero. She had her faults and struggles in life, but she raised my mother into the wonderful woman she is today. She survived breast cancer twice. She worked a long and full life and did her part to care for those older than her even into her 70s.

Today I wish my grandma a happy birthday.


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