Smoked Tri-Tip Two Cheese Sammy.

Made smoked tri-tip for the Memorial Day long weekend and in typical fashion we made sammies again. I thought against posting this because it is redundant to the last one I posted and it is not really a recipe. But this one is so much more that I had to share. My god this sandwich was good.


4 oz Smoked Tri-Tip, very thinly sliced

2 T buttermilk blue cheese dressing

1 handful of fresh greens

1 slice of  swiss cheese

1 bakery quality bun, preferably with an egg wash to promote crisping on the top

Thinly slice greens and toss with blue cheese dressing. Toast bun and remove from toaster oven. Place swiss cheese on top and put back in toaster oven on broil until cheese is bubbly. Place meat on bottom half of bun and top with blue cheese lettuce slaw. Place cheesy top on top of sandwich and enjoy.


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