Beery Grilled Chicken Tacos.

The chicken thigh obsession continues. Last night’s fare: beer marinated chicken thigh tacos. We got sick of teriyaki, been eating it for weeks, so I started thinking Mexican inspired sounded good. I also want to expand my cooking with beer. It is not something I do too often, but given how much we like beer, how good the beer in Oregon is, and how often I have a whole selection to choose from in my own refrigerator, I think I need to work on it.

The result was good and very summery, a great Friday night nosh. The chicken flavor was prominent with hints of ale and cumin, the smallest bit of warmth at the back of the throat from the pepper flakes. Really well-rounded for my taste buds.



1 c American style ale (I used Twighlight Ale)

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

2 T chives, chopped

1 t dried Mexican oregano, crushed

1 t ground cumin

1 t kosher salt

1 t pepper

1/2 t dried red pepper flake

8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs

Combine marinade ingredients in a Tupperware or plastic bag. Add chicken making sure that all of the meat is fully immersed. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, overnight is best.


15 6-inch corn or flour tortillas

2 C shredded cabbage

2 C shredded cheese of choice

1 large bell pepper, thinly sliced

1/2 C sliced black olives (we used the colossal ones from the olive bar)

1/2 C sour cream

2 T cilantro, chopped

juice of 1/2 a lime

Preheat grill to 400. Cook thighs, turning once or twice for 10-12 minutes with the lid closed.

While grill is preheating (and chicken is cooking if someone else is doing that for you) prepare the rest of the ingredients. Combine sour cream, cilantro, and lime in a small bowl. When chicken is cooked, slice thinly. Throw your tortillas on the hot grill for about 10 seconds on each side, remove and assemble your tacos.



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4 responses to “Beery Grilled Chicken Tacos.

  1. I have a new obsession with beer marinated chicken. It is just SO delicious! Haven’t thought to put it in a taco yet, but now I will ;)

  2. Love the name of this recipe! We’d love for you to share this over at!

  3. Thanks Lacey! I would love to share with Dishfolio. Heading that way right now!

  4. These tacos look fabulous! Love the marinade for the chicken and theuse of cabbage for the slaw! Great pics!

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