The Small Bits – Version 1.7.

As the garden grows it gets harder to recognize the small bits. Everything is so much bigger, how could it be small!? But then I remember that it was the not size of the end result that so intrigued me the first time I wrote about the small bits, it was the power inside of the plant that forced it to hold on through the winter and grow when I thought nothing could grow. The same principle is being applied to all of my garden friends, all of the time. Growth is amazing even in the most perfect conditions.

If you step back too much with your garden and forget to look at the tiny details you lose some of the beauty that the garden has to offer. Get close to the garden, sit on the ground in the garden and see the little details. Appreciate them, that is what I did this weekend one morning, before the neighborhood awoke, before the hubs awoke, just me and the yard dogs, sitting in the yardin, seeing the small bits.


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