A True Camping Gem – Cheese Sticks!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! In honor of one of the most grill-centric holidays I will share with you one of the most amazing dishes we created while camping last week. It is simple, pre-fab, and out of our normal realm, but it is AMAZING!

On the heels of our hobo pie creation, I was thinking, what else can we make with that pie iron? It just so happened that on account of the hubs request, we had string cheese in the cooler. Tortillas and string cheese. Hot fire and pie iron. Oh yes, it is what you are thinking.

With the large tortillas I had I was able to cut them into four equal pieces. I trimmed the cheese to fit the iron then rolled each stick in a piece of tortilla. I buttered the iron directly and then put it in the fire. I let the cheese melt and the tortilla cook then, voila! it was cheese sticks…only one of the best things in the world. Right there in the middle of the woods. Packed in by us…so delicious. Dip in marinara sauce and ENJOY!


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Filed under Appetizer, Cheese, Grilling, Vegetarian

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