July {August} Garden Update.

I started this post at the end of June. It is now the end of July and will August before I complete this, so my July Garden Update is now the July/August version. The garden has been producing very well since about April. We have finally finished off our turnips, kohlrabis, and broccolis. I have harvested the first round of peas and many of the Rocky Hybrid cucumbers. We have noshed beets and carrots and are waiting on the very slow bean crop. We are devouring blueberries and raspberries (the strawberries all fell victim to the yard dogs). I have even harvested my first few tomatoes and zucchinis.

We have pumpkins, delicata squash, corn, pole beans, tomatillos, half a dozen hot pepper varieties, lemon cucumbers, onions, hops and potatoes on the very near horizon. And we have been in full-blown planting mode for two months now to get our fall and over winter crops in. We have seeded storage cabbage, broccoli, and carrots. We put in a new crop of turnips and we got the new Red Russian kale crop planted. I have been edging all of the beds with onions and I am researching ground storage options for the potatoes so we don’t have to harvest them all in the fall.

It has been a busy summer. Even with all of this activity I feel like we are somehow behind! There are still little black spots in the soil that could be beets or spinach. I feel like I could do more, even with all I have done! It is my perpetual fret. We do, though, have enough to eat! The one thing I did not get to delve into this year that I really wanted to explore was more of the whole grains. We have quinoa that will be ready to harvest in September, but I had high hopes of planting a field of wheat. Maybe I still will. I will keep you posted if that one happens!

In any case, ignore my fretting and enjoy the most recent slide show of the yardin (ignoring any gloomy skies you might see).

Our favorite volunteer!

The hop strobles are starting!

The elephant garlic as a friend!

Volunteer melon plants in the corn bed!

Brilliant rainbow quinoa.


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