Whirlwind of a Trip to the Great Midwest.


Welcome to the Mitten State, the Wolverine State, the Petoskey State, the Great Lake State. Welcome to Michigan. I was born and raised in the state of Michigan. It is as unique as the rest of them with a long and arduous history that many know well. It is the birthplace of Motown, The Ford’s, Gibson Guitar Company, and many, many more companies we know and love. Every year I get back to Michigan for one reason or another and this year was no different.

Our trip back this year was quick, only a handful of days, but it was jam-packed with many activities (mostly eating). I wanted to share some of the highlights with you here. (A quick disclaimer that these were all taken with the phone so they are a little blurry!!)

Our first visit was to a newer restaurant called BOLD Restaurant. The parents have been raving about it for a while now and I have to say that this was without a doubt the best cooked and presented food I have had in southern Michigan, especially in my small town! It was amazing. It was fresh, perfectly seasoned and even the seafood items were awesomely cooked to perfection.

After our wonderful dinner, the next day was started with a traditional Midwest diner breakfast at Red’s Grill. It was a well-rounded way to start our first full day of vacation, especially because we had some entertaining to do with the niece and nephew that afternoon! The day was rounded out by a trip to Bowker’s Pizza Parlour & Grill for a nice dinner with my dad, step-mom, three sisters, a niece, and a nephew!! This is a great piece of nostalgia for me. We used to go here once a year or so and it was a blast this time around as well!

The next day was the reason for the trip, the WEDDING! One of my longest friends was to be wed and it is why I was in Michigan to begin with. The day started with lunch at Bell’s Brewery! Though we usually stop in for new shirts and fun take aways, the hubs had not actually had a beer on site, so we ventured in with the parents for a pre-wedding lunch. They have the best Reuben I have had in a long time, and this is not an easy thing to do!

The wedding was up next and was amazing. My friend was absolutely stunning and all of the planning really paid off. From an attendees perspective, the day was perfect!

With one day to go we were getting tired! The last day was spent at my parent’s summer place with good friends, relaxing, drinking and eating! We started the day at the Howe Restaurant (no website available!). They made an even better Midwest breakfast that the one enjoyed on Thursday which very necessary for soaking up post wedding beers from the night before! For an afternoon treat we headed to the beloved JoJo’s Pretzels. I cannot travel home without getting this scrumptious treat. And then to finish up the eating tour that became our last day my parents made a shrimp boil for dinner and in typical Midwest fashion, the dish was comforting and oh-so-yummy!

The next day we wearily headed back to the Great Northwest with another Midwest jaunt under the belts we were wearing a little loser for the flights home!



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2 responses to “Whirlwind of a Trip to the Great Midwest.

  1. Lisa

    Love this post! Miss you, mom

  2. katy

    Where are all those places! How come I know more of them in Indiana then in Kalamazoo! LOL! And YAY!!! I made the blog!!! It was great to see you! next time we’ll have to come your way!

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