Notes From Eastern Oregon, Day 1.

Hello Everyone! I am back. I know you are all used to recipes and notes from the garden, but this week is going to feature a new post every day about our vacation to Eastern Oregon. This is definitely a land that most people never make it too. It is the wild West and it has so much to offer. But one of the charms I cherished most about our trip, was just how few people there actually are in this part of the world. Over the next six days I am going to chronicle our trip for you with photos and commentary.

The first day consisted of driving, driving, and more driving. The typical trip directly from Portland to Joseph, Oregon should take about six and one half hours. However, it took us about twelve hours. Clearly we did not drive straight there. Instead we drove ALL over. We veered from the beaten path about 147 miles into our trek. We veered six hours out of our way. We saw a lot of land, the Blue Mountains, more cattle then there should be outside of Texas, two bonafide ghost towns, and a lot of water. Yes water, even in the desert. It was also an average temperature of 95 degrees the entire time. Needless to say, the yard dogs were not amused. Yes, they were there too…panting it up in the back seat. Shedding so badly that we had to vacuum the car upon arriving at our destination!

I really think that there is a windmill for every person in Eastern Oregon.

One Panting Ski.

Two Panting Ski.

Getting closer.

Arrival, to one of the most serene decks in America.

Dinner and relaxing for our first night of vacation.


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