Notes From Eastern Oregon, Day 2.

The second day of vacation was really the first since it was evening before we arrived at our destination the day before. We woke early, energized to make breakfast. This was the point at which we realized we had forgotten the skillet and while we rented a home that was nearly fully furnished…it did not have a usable skillet in it. So we resolved to make breakfast anyway…Egg, potato and veggie casserole with grilled bacon in it. I am now a true believer in grilling bacon. It turned out amazing and really featured that fresh from the grill flavor. And, we got to use our new french press. Very cool.

After breakfast the real debauchery started! I mean this lovingly. Being from Portland and loving beer as we do, we wasted no time all patronizing the local Eastern Oregon breweries. The first on the list was Terminal Gravity. They are located in Enterprise Oregon and brew fantastic beer. This is one of those great breweries you think you will never make it to in person. Lo and behold, we did. They have one of the most relaxing and fantastic garden areas near a babbling brook. The Skis lounged in the grass and we enjoyed a couple of pints.

As we headed back into Joseph we were feeling a bit peckish and just happened to be passing Mutiny Brewing. They too had an outside garden, of course a requirement when traveling with Skis in 95+ degree weather. We ordered up a couple pints and some lunch. The meal was divine. It was really just that freaking good. While the Sysco truck might stop by, they don’t drop off much, all of the produce was garden fresh. The heirloom tomatoes tasted as though they had been picked with love that morning and the same can be said for the greens. The fries were baked whole slices of potatoes and the bread was homemade. Delicious!

So it can be said that our second day of vacation was spent eating and drinking. Hmmm, nope that is just our style. So don’t think we didn’t go back to our house and continue the party.There were brie stuffed burgers for dinner.


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