Notes From Eastern Oregon, Day 3.

Day three was great fun. We headed into Hell’s Canyon. We got an early start at it which was good for two reasons, the first is that we did not have to worry about too many other cars (we saw maybe a dozen the whole time) and we also got to get out before the temps soared too far over 100. The other exciting activity that it ensured was that we did not miss the wild pack of family deer that came running through our yard. They held us hostage for a little bit, there were three of them in all. They really wanted food and insisted on telling us about it for about 30 minutes. The best part about these insistent buggers is that they came back at dinner time, five of them this time, and did the same thing for another half an hour!

Our camera could not capture the vast expanse of the canyon. It is huge!

The Wallowa Mountains, coming back from Hell's Canyon.

After our trip to Hell’s Canyon we stopped into Embers Brew House for a couple of pints. They have an outdoor seating area and there was no way we were going to pass up trying it out. Besides, they boast the most micro-brew taps in Eastern Oregon. It was still pale in comparison to Portland, but come on, they are in the middle of nowhere!! We ordered a snack to enjoy with our brews, which turned out to be amazing. Sweet potato tots with marshmallow fluff dipping sauce. Yup, that is what I said!!

After our snack and suds we headed back to the house and took the dogs down to the river. They were less than enthused as the river was really fast and the rocks were really big. Welp, you can’t always please the Skis! So we quickly abandoned the river for some decking (like yardining only you have to have a deck, a chair, and a vacation cocktail) and dinner.

The view of our yard from the deck. The river is just beyond the trees.


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