Notes From Eastern Oregon, Day 4.

Today was very cool. The first notable thing was that I made my first skillet meal.

Then we started the day at Wallowa Lake. The Skis got to swim for a good long time and finally decided that this vacation might actually be for them.

After our morning swim we headed to Imnaha to see their famous tavern. “Imnaha, Oregon, is quite literally the place where the pavement ends.  There is only one paved road leading into Imnaha, and just past the town’s one big intersection, the pavement promptly ends.”  You go out just like you are going to go to Hell’s Canyon, and then you just keep driving. Eventually, you get there. But not without driving through the Imnaha River valley, chock full of scenic views.

After our trip we headed back to Joseph and stopped at the local distillery. Yes, a town of 1,000 people. And it is a good distillery.

Then we headed back to the house, dragged the dogs through the river again and pondered our ability to see the Portland Timbers game. But we did have to nosh while we pondered.

We called a few of the bars in town, but no one had the channel that was needed. So we conceded to head into town and try some of the other establishments ourselves. We still failed, no one had access to the game. So we resorted to heading back to Mutiny Brewing and having dinner. Their lunch had been so good that we felt comfortable going back for more. It was nice, breezy evening with a storm blowing in over the Wallowa Mountains making for some lovely dinner scenes.


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