What’s Growing?

Everything. Everything is growing. It is just that time of the season. Winter and Spring veggies and chill. They grow at a slow pace and keep well in the ground. They are relaxed and don’t care for stress. Summer veggies have the exact opposite personality. They are fast paced, high maintenance, and all ripen at the same time, even if you cannot keep up with eating a preserving them. The next time you sit down to a nice broccoli or carrot side dish at dinner, keep this in mind. Appreciate your cool weather crop, savor it. Because before you know it, you are in the foot race to use up or preserve as many tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, and peppers as you can. In any way you can.

On another note, my fall plantings are also coming along quite nicely.

Prolific. I have been picking off this bush at a rate of 8 ounces a day for almost three weeks. This is just one little plant, the Sweet Pea Red Currant from Territorial Seed. I am in love!

This year's corn did great. I have full size ears that are fully developed. I will be using fresh seed every year. It makes a difference, I promise.

The lemon cucumber was a little slow to start this year, but we have plenty now!

The one single bell pepper I planted...they usually don't bear a lot of fruit in our cool climate. This one did!!

The Great Pumpkin King came early this year!! What do you mean we have to wait two months for Halloween?

Two delicata plants, twelve squashes. That is a great ratio if you ask me. Minimal garden space used, maximum yield!


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