It is interesting. Growing up I have always had strong passions for activities. It used to be swimming and laying in the sun. Then art, anything creative. Sculpture, found object, pottery, etc. Then there were boys. There was always school and academia. There was snowboarding and cheerleading and… I have always gone from one thing to the next, until roughly 2005 at which time I am not sure what happened. The then boyfriend and I got a dog, and that was cool, we got a house, and that kept us busy, we got married, and that was fun, we knew we liked food and libations, we started gardening (sort of just happened), I was cooking a lot. And then something happened. After being a little frumpy and homebodied for a while, I got my passion back.

Today I have a garden instead of a yard, all year, that produces food, it is a lot of work, work I wish I could do all day long. It grows food that I get to cook, I love to cook, especially with the food I grow. But that is not all. Last year the hubs asked me if I had any interest in getting MLS season soccer tickets. At first, my frumpy brain said, not really. Then after thinking it through for a while, I thought, yes, we can do that. Now, nearly a year later we have renewed our seats (and are trying to expand them!) and we are the biggest freaking soccer fanatics around. We have even started supplementing our MLS games with college games (giving a little back to the alma mater). We root whole heartedly, to the extent that I am very sad the season is ending.

So now, after being lost in the void for a while I have passion for things I love again. Garden, harvest, cook, eat, drink, root. I like that. The other unexpected thing (for me anyway, because I can be dense) is that with having passions, comes new friends. We have met a handful of new people over the last few months. That is refreshing, becasue trying to find new friends as an adult can be challenging.

Anyway, I hope you all have passions, and appreciate them!








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