For the Love of Fall.

I love fall, the autumnal equinox, the harvest. It is the most amazing time of year. Not amazing like the spring when rebirth is everywhere and crazy things sprout from the earth every second of every day. But amazing in a feeling sort of way. Fall makes us nostalgic, reminiscent, cozy. Fall brings fresh, crisp air that I can breathe deeply into my lungs. Fall brings many of our favorite things back to the forefront, things that were hidden away, cloaked by the weight of the summer heat: sweaters, soup, apple cider, all things orange and pumpkiny. I just want to wrap myself up in it.

Happy first day of fall everyone!

The hops are harvested and vines drying.

The corn is gone and processed, now the stalks are drying for Halloween decorations.

The pumpkins are cured and should hold through the fall.

If you look closely you can see that the one on the right has been cured about a week and half longer than the one on the left. See how dark it is?

The buckwheat has gone to seed and is the most wonderful fall colors.

Even the sunflower is done and ready for harvest.


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