Early October in the Garden.

Nearly all of the summer veggies have been harvested and their greens pulled for the compost pile. The corn stalks were cut and now adorn the front porch with the pumpkins. The potatoes have been dug and reburied in large totes for keeping throughout the winter. All of the hot peppers were picked and processed, and the list goes on. The fall garden is producing and we are eating kohlrabi and carrots, turnips and mesclun. Winter broccoli is well on its way. The air is crisp and the leaves are starting to turn. All of this means work! Getting the garden ready for winter has never been my strong suit. I just get lazy, but this year is different. I now have my compost in full swing and ready for the leaves I will collect. I have tiny seeds of onion and garlic, shallots and greens in and ready to grow.

Twelve month gardening means I don’t get to be lazy! This month I will winterize and compost the mess of perennials, prepare garden beds, place hoops, and think about the seeds I will start in a short five months.

Until then, let’s just enjoy the beauty that fall has to offer.


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