The 3 Points NW Oatmeal Pale Ale {Extract}.

By, the Hubs.

Northwest Pale Ale’s are usually a more heavily hoped pale ale that commonly use the citrusy flavored NW-bred hop varieties.  So that is what I was going for with this recipe. The pound of flaked oats added body and a great mouth feel to the beer and helped contribute to a lighter color. For some reason this beer also carbonated like crazy and will foam over your glass quickly if you heavy hand the pour.

My inspiration for this beer is a fantastic Oatmeal Pale Ale that is brewed by local Portland, OR brewery Burnside Brewing. I researched around the internet and found a simple pale ale extract recipe that was light in color and even found a few that used oats as well. Once I had the grain/extract portion identified I put together a hop schedule similar to an IPA using the hops I have harvested from the yard. This is where the benefit of growing three varieties of hops comes in handy as I have a fairly good utility hop such as the Centennial that has a good alpha acid content and great aroma but it is also is fairly bitter when use in the early hop additions. However, one of the good things about the Centennial is that is has a very citrusy flavor and aroma as well so they end result is a really nice citrusy yet bitter flavor. My second flavoring hop addition was a Cascade which is well renowned for its citrus/floral notes. The Cascades from our yard are a little more grassy than others I have sampled so I think the alphas are lower than usual. The third hop I used was a Mt. Hood. Which is an Oregon bread hop derived from the noble German hop Hallertau.

So here is the recipe and some notes about the brew process and how it turned out.

Grain & Extract.

7 lbs Pilsner Liquid Malt Extract (LME)

3 lbs Crystal 15L

1 lb Flaked Oats or Rolled Oats

Hop & Adjunct Schedule.

2 oz Centennial @ 60

1 oz Cascade @ 30

1 oz Cascade @ 15  with 1 tsp Irish Moss

1 oz Mt. Hood @ 1

Dry Hop with 1 oz Mt. Hood for 7 days in the secondary after initial fermentation subsides.

Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Per my usually extract process I brought 4 gallons of water up to 165 to 170 degrees, turned off the burner and steeped the Crystal 15L and Flaked Oats for 30 minutes. Then I sparged with 2 quarts of 170 degree water and squeezed as much liquid out of the grain bag as I could. During this process the amount of starchy liquid from the oats was quite noticeable. It was basically oatmeal mixed with grains. I brought the full liquid to a boil turned off the heat and added all 7 lbs of the Pilsner LME. After the LME was dissolved I brought the wort back to a boil and continued onto the 60 minute hop schedule. After the full 60 minute boil I chilled the wort to 80 degrees, added it to the sanitized primary fermenter and toped off the carboy volume to 5 gallons. Aerated. Took a gravity reading. Pitched yeast at round 70 to 68  degrees and aerated a bit more. After 10 days in the primary fermenter I transferred this to the secondary and dry hopped for another 7 days. These tasted best after 14 days in the bottle, but were fairly carbonated by 7 days.

What’s in a name:

This beer was named the 3 Points NW Pale because it was brewed the day after a dominating Portland Timbers home win over t he New England Revolution.

Drink it up!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe, was planning something similar to brew today. Let’s go boys- 3 points tonight!!!

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