November Garden Log.

I did not do any outdoor planting in November. I suppose I should have, but I did not. I have lettuce, turnips and carrots outside now. I also have all of my onions, garlic, elephant garlic, and cover crops out there. I have selected a bed that I am going to start chard, beets, greens, turnips, carrots and spinach in, in January. It is already covered and has butterhead lettuce in it now. I did get some greens planted in the house, spinach, leaf lettuce and arugula. I will pick these as micro greens over the coming weeks. Outside I cleaned up leaves and trimmed herbs, took out dead foliage and finished winterizing.

Enjoy some of the last fall scenes from the garden with me!

Notes: November 2: Frosted for the second time last evening and it has gotten COLD! November 20: Heaviest frost yet, so pretty!



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2 responses to “November Garden Log.

  1. These are absolutely beautiful photos!

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