Favorite Garden Photos of 2011.

Some absolute favorites, equally by myself and the hubs. P.S. This is the biggest photo post ever.



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5 responses to “Favorite Garden Photos of 2011.

  1. Just beautiful and serene, I just want to find a good book and sit down with the dogs for the day!

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos, and your dogs are gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the frost shot. You should make those into cards. And your wheelbarrow isn’t all dented and rusted like mine :)

  4. That is the new wheelbarrow!! The front wheel keeps falling off the other one. Oops. We splurged on the new one when we built the wall in our front yard. Moved 7 yards of fill dirt and 3 yards of gravel and 5 yards of mulch, plus 5 yards of garden 3-way. Needed it :) Thank you for the wonderful compliment.

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