The Capricorn.

While I don’t place much stock in the zodiac, I have always been quite smitten with my sign. I am a Capricorn, in every sense of the word. I understand that horoscopes are written in a very talented way, so that they appeal to the masses and seem true to whomever reads them, but when you boil down the nuts and bolts of the Capricorn sign, it’s me, nearly to a “T”, for better or for worse. I am a Capricorn.

On this day, the anniversary of my birth, as I reflect again upon what it means to be a Capricorn, I am reminded that it is a good thing that my birthday is so close to New Years, a time for resolve and of high hopes for a better me.

I have many positive traits. I am loyal and motivated. I get the job done with confidence. I am dedicated and have passion for things. But, I can also be bossy and pessimistic. I can be difficult to work with or even argumentative.

So in 2012, during this new year of my life, I will again resolve to continue to grow and improve myself. I will also reflect back on 2011. I feel that 2011 was a huge year of growth for me. A renewal of many of my interests and a new found group of passions. I have the blog and my loyal readers, I have the support of my family and my Facebook community, and I have the support and interest of my husband in my gardening and cooking ventures. We have several new friends to show for 2011 and we have more to make in 2012. We have the Portland Timbers MLS team which is not only totally amazing; it is a great door of opportunity for personal growth and a large part of our social life.

I am looking to the next year of my life, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for what it has in store for me. I am ready to leave the less positive and less successful parts of 2011 behind, and to take with me the life lessons and personal improvement I have gained from them. I am ready to take this year head on, so watch out!

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  1. Happy birthday, fellow Capricorn!

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