My Very First Giveaway!

When I first started my blog I did not think I would do a any giveaways. I am not a monetized blog, so it made sense that I would not have any sponsors donating anything to me, shoot, half the time I am not even sure I really know how to use this blog! However, that was before I won something from another page (this amazing calendar from Tilly’s Nest). When it came in the mail I decided I would have to a do a give away for a special occasion.

Now, I mentioned above that this is a give away of my own procurement, so we are not talking about any sort of Kitchen Aid stand mixer give away here!! But I wanted to do something to celebrate reaching, and exceeding the 1,000 mark on my Facebook page and nearing 1,000 followers on the blog. I appreciate every single one of you that want to share with me your own cooking and gardening experiences, so that we can learn together!

So, here is what we have in store for you. I will choose one winner to receive two books. One book for the garden and one for the garden’s kitchen. The first is called Carrots Love Tomatoes. This is a great resource for folks with small garden spaces or for those looking to pair companion vegetables together to get the most out of each crop and also use some natural pest control methods. I purchased my copy of this when I was just starting out, but it has proven to be a great resource to keep in the arsenal.

The second book in this package is one that I am particularly obsessed with. I learned about this book last year and it has been a staple in my kitchen ever since. I have become extremely interested in fermentation and bacteria since discovering this book and I cannot wait to expand my knowledge to new heights. This book opened me up to an entirely new way of thinking. We are talking about Wild Fermentation!

Alright, the nuts and bolts. I am going to be old fashioned about this, meaning there is just one way to enter. I will be randomly selecting the winner from the comments on this post. Please tell me why you want one, or both, of these books.

This give away will close at 10pm PST on January 14th.

Good luck!

***Disclaimer: No one asked me to chose these books. I chose them because I like them and you will too.


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53 responses to “My Very First Giveaway!

  1. I think your blog is awesome and these books would be a great resource in my library too. Thanks for offering them.

  2. Oh, I would love to get a Copy of “Wild Fermentation!”

  3. za

    Oh! Wow! Well, why would I like these books???
    First things garden is usually unsuccessful :( I get tomatoes and chard no problemo! But then none of my ambitious vegs grow past the plant stage …heartbreaking really.
    Fermentation! I love! only have a handful of go to’s and really need to expand my repitoire <- sp! ? And my children looooove to eat them!
    Whoo! Good luck everyone!!

  4. za

    Oh, Hehe, namely me..;b

  5. Samuel Fred

    I love cookbooks and gardening books!

  6. Nicole

    I would love either of these books but especially the “Carrots love Tomatoes”! We have just started a CSA here in Littleton NH and any more resources to help us along on our journey would be great!!!

  7. Samuel Fred

    I love cookbooks and gardening books!:)

  8. I am planning my first vegetable garden ever! I am 63 years old! I decided it is time! Reading about what is being done to our food and I want to know that what I grow is safe & healthy for me to eat!

  9. Beth C

    Love your Page looking forward to More!

  10. Becky

    I loved Wild Fermentation, but my hubby didn’t appreciate the bubbling vats on the counter in the kitchen… so it was either the vats or the hubby..– hard choice I know LOL.
    I would love to have Carrots love Tomatoes. I have approximately 90 sq ft of garden, so I need to make the most of what I have and that sounds like a really great resource ( in fact, I’m going to go see if my library has a copy right now)
    Thanks for a great blog, and a great giveaway.

  11. Would love to learn more about small space gardening!!!!!

  12. mdmarine

    Carrots Love Tomatoes sounds right up my alley. Thought I have a larger area for my garden, companion planting is something I have been meaning to get into for a whole host of reasons! Thanks for the giveaway!! :-) Michelle @ Simplify, Live, Love

  13. manda

    Oh, the books look exciting. I just got married and am hoping to start a garden this summer (and I won’t have that much space!) Very cool blog and giveaway!

  14. Love gardening and cooking and loved your info. Was introduced to you by Sumptuous Spoonfuls and love your blog. I am semi-retired and interested in going more natural with my fresh veggies, herbs and the like. Would love either book! Thank you!

  15. Okay, I had not thought about giveaways until I read your blog. I do however love getting free stuff and I LOVE books, both of the above I have not seen. I also LOVE your ideas, comments and page. So I’m in to win. Have a great day and catch you later.

  16. Suzanne Brown

    Love your page and all your great information. I recently joined the Weston Price foundation and have been interested in fermentation after reading some of the Nourishing Traditions book. I am also interested in utilizing all my garden space to it’s fullest potential. Thank you!!

  17. Jen A

    I am very interested in the companion planting book :) thanks for the recommendation

  18. Lisa Smith

    I would love both books! I am a sucky gardener and can use all the help I can get. As for the fermenting book – my goal this year is to become a better baker. I have been researching starters and cultures for the last week. This would a huge help to me. Thanks for the chance!

  19. Thanks for this opportunity… appreciate it! I am sure I would be able to take advantage of both books if I were to have my name drawn.

    2011 for me was the year I created my first companion garden, something I have wanted to do since I began to grow my own food. Used research from the Net, but know there is more to learn. Having a copy on hand to refer to and loan out would be great. BTW… last season’s garden was very fruitful so I know it’s working … had more food to share/preserve than normal.

    2011 was also the year I discovered Kombucha Scoby’s and water grain Kefir, (a friend had given me the milk grains in 2010). This further introduced me to the subject of fermentation and sprouting. Again… via research on the net. Again… I am very aware there is LOTS more to learn on this topic and would greatly enjoy adding this book to my collection of Sustainable Living Books, to utilize and share in days to come.

    Again… thank you for this opportunity. Now… to investigate your Blog further, as I just discovered you, again via the worldwide net, (FB).

  20. Jarak

    Both of these books would be useful for Seren and I. She’s the gardener, I’m the brewer. We’ve been thinking about how best to garden in small spaces. We also plan on brewing with more garden plants and culturing wild yeast.

  21. Becky

    I love garden, cook, landscape, country, any sort of book that involves new ideas that I can just jump right into. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. shana

    Oh man! I love books! I would love the 1st one because I don’t have too much gardening space and would like to learn how to grow more healthy veggies :-) and I was actually thinking about buying that one. The second one i haven’t heard of, but I love learning new things!

  23. Both sound good, but I would love the Wild Fermentation book. I’ve checked it out from the library twice and really like it. Glad you met the 1,000 mark and thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Dennis Gentry II

    both of the books look amazing and informative. i would read them from front to back. i have really been wanting some good books on both of the subjects that they cover.

  25. Awesome giveaway! I would love either book. Carrots Love Tomatoes so I can learn more about companion planting and Wild Fermentation because my husband has developed an interest in healthy bacteria (he’s been making his own Kombucha Tea) and this would be right up his alley!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway and congrats on hitting 1000!

  26. We’re just figuring out gardening around here, so I’d love the first book. The second book would be just for fun! :)

  27. I’m planting my first real garden this year and “carrots love tomatoes” would be perfect for me as I do not know alot about companion planting, and I’ve been wanting “wild fermentation” for so long, I’d like to try something beyond sourdough. Thanks for a great blog.

  28. Pam Gregory

    Love following your blog and your facebook page. Will be trying my hand at gardening this year and both books look wonderful.

  29. Either of them would be beneficial but I am jumping in with both feet in fermentation. I got my culture grains this week for kefir and kombucha and joined the kombucha 30 day challenge. I am feeling how good this fermented stuff makes my body feel so I need to learn more. Kudos on your 1000 followers; I am thankful for all the education and encouragement.

  30. Inanda

    I love your FB page and all the intersting and fun things you share there…and simply, I MUST LEARN! :)

  31. You know, both are interesting, but I’d want “Carrots Love Tomatoes.” I had my first organic garden as a teen and always wanted to do companion gardening, just never did it. We make our own kefir now and have done kombutcha in the past, I’m focused on gardening right now.

  32. I have loved this blog since I found it on Facebook! The main reason I started liking it was because of the name. I am very interested in building my own root cellar and getting back to self-sufficiency, which my grandparents had on the very property I live on now. I enjoy the articles posted here and truely enjoy reading about how to better grow a garden and continuing to learn about it. I have been wanting a copy of carrots love tomatoes for quite some time now and the other book looks very interesting as well! Thank you so much Root Cellar’s Garden for all the opportunities!

  33. Congratulation on your success! WOW, 1,000 followers on FB and on your blog, that’s fantastic!

    I love it! I’ve done giveaways on my blog before too… all at my own expense. It’s so much fun to see all the comments! :-) And it feels good to make someones day when they win!

    I am especially interested to get the Wild Fermentation book!! I am going to add it to my Amazon wish list so I can buy it if I don’t win it here. My husband and I tried our hand at making wine this summer from the grapes we grew in our garden. We also learned how to make Kombucha tea ( this winter, which we LOVE! (I wonder if they talk about that in this book).

    Good luck to everyone!

  34. Congrats on the 1000 likes! I would love either of these books! They look like amazing resources to help me begin on my suburb homesteading adventure. Thnks so much.

  35. Both books would be nice to have in the garden library since both are loaded with very useful information for the both the newbie and the veteran gardener.Great choices…

  36. Joann Mcgregor

    I have always had a garden, some small and some large, for the past serveral years expanding into growing seeds of the past, and new items such as garlic..this fall was my second planting year, last year great..only a handful bulbs left..everyone loved and asked for more!!! The book Carrot Loves Tomatoes would help me…all books help us all!!! Just read about planting a garden for out goats–we grow,eat and let the goat get great
    forage party!!! The second book NEWS to me-never heard of such a thing? sounds great…would this be like making yogurt from my future dairy goat?
    Love you blog…easy to read how much passion you have. Take care and Have a Wonderful Day..

  37. I would love both books, I love learning new ways to garden since my garden is growing larger. And I love cooking and have just tried my hand at wine making this year. love it!!

  38. Chris Amos

    I LOVE books! I have books for about everthing, animals, gardens, exc… I don’t have either of these two books and we are starting to work on our garden already! We worked hours today and got a new section of the orchard planted! Tomorrow we start working on our new raised container garden and I’ll need to use different plants in each to get what we use to do in a regular garden. Also soon the fermentation book will come in handy my husband wants to start making beer/wine and I’ll have goats kidding soon and would love to start making cheese! We will be try to build a root cellar this summer and are and getting back to self sufficiency on our farm!

  39. I love the book carrots love tomatos, have my own copy. I would equally love wild fermentation, I enjoy experimenting with fermenting things.

  40. Amanda N

    New to your blog and already loving it! Putting tons of tips and suggestions to work on my little farm. :)

    I’d love to win the books, especially interested in the companion planting guide. I think stuff like that is so neat! :D


  41. Rita Johnson

    Oh how exciting! My husband and I built some raised beds in our yard last year and when we were planning our garden we used this book Carrots love Tomatos from the library and really liked it. Also, my daughter has a dairy allergy and we are trying to heal her gut by eating more probiotics and fermented foods. The title of this book sounds amazing!! I think I may have to buy it if I don’t win cause that sounds right up my alley :)!!

  42. Barbara at Wing Shadow Farm

    Would love the wild yeast book! Thank you for having this giveaway. I have my raised beds almost ready to plant lettuce, spinach and snow and sugar snap peas! Yeah! Time to dig and grow!

  43. both of these books are on subjects that i am just starting to venture into and would be a huge help here on the homestead!

  44. I love books, gardening and cooking! I would hugely benefit from Carrots Loves Tomatoes. I love my kitchen gardens. They are never a large garden but I would love a healthier garden. I was even considering buying this book. I have checked Wild Fermintation from the library before and it’s a great book. I love your page and love learning from you. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  45. Jenn

    As an organic Gardner who struggles with natural pest control, I would especially love ‘Carrots love Tomatoes’. Though, I have a friend who ferments quite a bit, I would enjoy learning more about fermentation too. Both would be GREAT!! Thank you for having a giveaway.

  46. I would absolutely love love love to have these books. This year I have been getting interested in how to ferment and over the last 4 years I have been trying to grow a garden naturally without using chemicals and have been doing ok so far but have lots and lots of room for improvement. I think both of these books would be a wonderful resource and help me alot. If I had to choose one book it would be Wild Fermentation. I have joined groups to learn how to do this but so far none have been realy helpful. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  47. katy

    I saw on the Today show this morning “black garlic” Its garlic that has been fermented. I thought of you immediately and wondered if you have tried fermenting garlic? They said it made it sweet, doesn’t look that great since it turns black but I guess its supposed to taste so good that you can put it in pastries.

  48. I would love to have the Carrots Love Tomatoes book to share with my in-laws, who are going to be teaching me how to garden this upcoming spring.

  49. Dan Myshrall

    The more we can grow and make for ourselves… the less we buy from the ‘Mon’…. Monsanto, that is!

  50. I think I would really enjoy both books. I like trying to get more out of what we have in our garden, so any new ideas for what can be planted together really interests me. I have dabbled a little in fermenting and would love to expand my knowledge.

  51. Amy Donovan

    I LOVE to garden & would especially love the companion planting book! However , the fermentation book is intriguing also. Thanks and Happy 2012!

  52. Karen Blair

    I don’t have much of a green thumb, but I’m planning a big garden this Spring regardless. I need all the information I can get, because I’m planning to use most of our back yard for growing.