My First Give Away Ever Winner!!

Alright I did not forget to award a winner for my give away, I was just out of town and blah blah blah! I will post about that later.

I had an amazing response to my give away and some absolutely lovely comments on my post. You are all so wonderful and I am a lucky girl to have a following like you all! I am terribly saddened that only one of you can win. I wish I could just go out and buy books for everyone, but alas, I cannot. So, thanks to I have but one winner.

With the lovely comment below, Joann M. wins the prize.

“I have always had a garden, some small and some large, for the past serveral years expanding into growing seeds of the past, and new items such as garlic..this fall was my second planting year, last year great..only a handful bulbs left..everyone loved and asked for more!!! The book Carrot Loves Tomatoes would help me…all books help us all!!! Just read about planting a garden for out goats–we grow,eat and let the goat get great forage party!!! The second book NEWS to me-never heard of such a thing? sounds great…would this be like making yogurt from my future dairy goat? Love you blog…easy to read how much passion you have. Take care and Have a Wonderful Day..”

It was such a wonderful pleasure to be able to do this giveaway with all of you lovely folks! I had a great time reading all of your great comments and aspirations in the garden and the kitchen.


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One response to “My First Give Away Ever Winner!!

  1. Joann Mcgregor

    Thank -you so much!!! Can’t wait to read, learn,share and put to good use! Keep up the wonderful blog.


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