Soda Replacement Project: Homemade Cream “Soda” Replacer.

Let me preface, that this is not a soda. It is not carbonated, though it would be good carbonated and that could be achieved any number of ways. This is simply a concoction that I made that tastes like cream soda. I am working on weaning the hubs off soda when he is having cocktails. It is the only time he drinks the stuff, but it is still evil and nasty and should not be in our house. So I am on a quest to find a replacement. This recipe was a thought I had but I had no idea if we would drink it. Turns out he did and it got his brain going about other things we could make like this! Stay tuned for more to come.

This was as simple as adding 1 1/2 cups of water to a pint jar with 2-3 drops of vanilla (I use homemade, simple recipe – 1 cup vodka with 4 vanilla beans that have been cut and scraped, allow to sit for months), and 1 tablespoon of agave nectar. Put a lid on the mixture and shake to combine. Serve in place of soda. Should you want this carbonated you could add a little to flavor seltzer water. You could also make a big batch of this and keg it…



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6 responses to “Soda Replacement Project: Homemade Cream “Soda” Replacer.

  1. Joann Mcgregor

    This is great, have to give it a try, I gave up all carbonated drinks (in
    cluding beer) Jan. 1, 2011. Mixers….love cream soda or did, lol. Becky recieved the books, great read, helpful…loving!!! Have a wonderful day.

  2. I am glad the books got there! I hope you enjoy them. I know I do. I love to hear that you gave up something and are sticking to it. For me it was caffeine on 11/1/11. It was causing amazing heartburn and giving it up was a wonderful cure. On the carbonation, I still do partake in some beer and on occasion, seltzer, but otherwise, I too have abandoned it. I really don’t mind things flat and that is why it is much easier to create replacer without it!! I hope you like it. If you make variations do share!

  3. Cream Soda was my absolute favourite drink growing up, Becky! Here in the UK, it used to be delivered by the milkman and was fizzy, but I love the idea of a still version. Will give this a try :-)

  4. Hi! I made a similar recipe boiling down equal parts Xylitol and water to make a sugar, then adding a teaspoon of real vanilla, mixing it into club soda. I bet your recipe tastes similar-and I think its better than cream soda (also good as coffee flavoring!) I’d like to try your agave version-thanks for sharing!

  5. I have a soda stream, which really just injects a shot of CO2. My goal is to break my coca cola caffeine completely. Mainly in my quest to wipe out all HFCS from my diet.

    I have been toying with making my own soda syrups, because all of the “sodastream” syrups are made with splenda and fake sugars. bleh!

  6. We have been considering a soda stream, but I think, as we brew our own beer, we will likely make a mini kegerator that will hold two kegs, one for beer and one for water. I have also heard that exact same thing about the soda stream syrups! You should make your own. Please share if you do, we are always looking for new and fun ideas :)

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