Weekend Breakfast Wrap Up.

This weekend I made two new breakfast dishes. Neither one of them were my creation, I got them both from Facebook friends and their lovely blogs that I follow. I wanted to pay them homage here as both recipes turned out absolutely great!

The first dish, that I made Saturday for breakfast, was Mel’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Egg Rolls. These little pockets of breakfast goodness were quick to make and easy to eat. I did a variation on the bacon and used sage turkey sausage from the butcher counter and used pepper jack cheese.

Visit Mel at Cooking with Mel for the full recipe!

The second dish I made, for a lovely Sunday breakfast, was Susan’s Cinnamon Roll Popovers from She’s Becoming DoughMessTic. Susan made a goal of making a popover recipe a week for all of 2012, yes 52 new popover recipes to choose from. It just so happens that I got a popover pan for my birthday and was delighted to learn that she would be supplying me with more recipes than I will be able to keep up with. Her very first popover recipe shared this year was this one and I was smitten with it from the start.

Check out the full recipe on the She’s Becoming DoughMessTic page!


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