January Planting/Seedling Update.

Here is an update on the seedlings that I planted on 12/29. Most of them are looking great, especially the broccoli, cauliflower and kale. The basil looks good, but this new butterhead is being a little finicky. I have never had trouble with it before, but for whatever reason, this stuff is browning on the edges and not growing.

Packman broccoli, Fizz kale, Candid Charm and Green Mist cauliflower.

Queen of Sheba and Mammoth Sweet basil, Reine Des Glaces crisphead lettuce, Victoria butterhead lettuce.

Here is also some arugula I planted, though I forgot to note when! We have been loving the stuff I planted in November so I thought I would do some more. There are two different kinds here, one wild and one domesticated.

I also finally got around to planting some more seeds on Saturday, here is what went in. Full January update and outside shots of the garden to come in the January Garden Log on 2/1.




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2 responses to “January Planting/Seedling Update.

  1. What a nice blog! I’m very jealous of your seedlings, Oregon must have a more temperate climate, because I just started mine… :(

  2. Thank you Allison. We do have a more temperate climate where I am located. I also like to push the envelope and use plastic to cover my beds when it is too cold or rainy. They are also all raised beds except for two, I think that helps a little.

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