2012 Red Wine Vinegar Project.

Ok, we are diving into a new one. I have already told you about my store bought and home brewed malt vinegar projects, now we are on to wine! A couple of notes, 1. don’t make fun of my cheap wine, this is going to be vinegar after all, 2. don’t make fun of my giant crock, I could only get one and I wanted it to be versatile.

Alright, onto the fun. I used one giant bottle of wine and two tablespoons of mother for this recipe. I covered the crock with cheesecloth to keep the fruit flies out and put it in my fermentation closet…which is really just a space in our house that is dark, stays warm and has an inordinate amount of “science projects”, err vinegars fermenting in it. It is also the bottle closet. The hubs doesn’t like this much, but I figured, beer and vinegar go great together, they are all fermenting right? I also thought that since his brewing supplies are in there, I could catch a larger batch of yeast and bacteria for my vinegar!

Check back for an update!

Happy fermenting!


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5 responses to “2012 Red Wine Vinegar Project.

  1. Oh cool. Ever since we had kids, we have trouble finishing a bottle. I have this dream of just pouring out the remainder into a vinegar crock like this. I will certainly be following your progress!

  2. Well Sara, I hope it works ;) I am really flying by the seat of my pants on this one!!

  3. haha, having children would probably make me drink a bottle, nevermind having trouble finishing it!

  4. Jason

    How did this turn out with his brewing supplies in there? I’m also trying to make vinegar, malt vinegar that is. But I’m afraid that the vinegar mother will somehow leap onto my brewing supplies and infect future batches of beer. I’ve put my vinegar out in my workshed. Not sure how temp swings will affect the final product in August.

  5. The vinegar did not affect the brewing supplies at all. However, I do not recommend using store bought wine unless you can find organic. I think the chemicals in the wine affected the end result (as in it failed).

    I would worry about the temp swings as well. Vinegar likes a nice steady, slightly warm, temp to make its goodness.

    We finally got a vinegar barrel. The hubs is off to make malt vinegar in it. I can no longer eat gluten so this will be his project!

    Best of luck to you on your adventure.

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