On Why I Blog, My One Year Blogiversary.

When I started this blog a year ago it was out of the sheer need for organization in both the kitchen and the garden. I needed a place to journal my plantings and keep track of what I was doing in the garden and also a place to record recipes. Before the blog I had never made something the same two times in a row, which was becoming challenging as I could never replicate a really good meal exactly. I started by posting recipes on my Facebook page in the notes section, but that was really not doing it for me. That is when the idea of the blog came about. I clearly remember sitting on the couch, brainstorming a name with the hubs.

So, what is The Root Cellar’s Garden? It was a play on words that the hubs came up with that captured all of the things I like to do in the garden and the kitchen. The root cellar must have a garden because it must be stocked from somewhere. That covered the gardening part. The root cellar provides food to the kitchen for the meals that nourish us. That covered the kitchen part. It was a great fit, and since then, I have often been found in the root cellar. The only true problem here is that I don’t actually have a root cellar. It is tragic and we think about options every year. Eventually we will create something. Until then, I use the pantry for my storage, but The Pantry’s Garden just didn’t have the awesome ring that The Root Cellar’s Garden did, and it keeps me motivated to come up with a solution.

To that end, that is why I blog. To have a live journal that enables me to interact with the public. It is not about being right or wrong or making money (I do not intend to monetize this blog, ever), or having the BEST blog. For me it is about just being here. Having an outlet to write and show photos.

The other, and perhaps most amazing thing the blog has done for me is to open my life to a whole world of people via Facebook. I have met the most wonderful people there. I have taught people things I know and learned a world more from the people there. I appreciate the positive interaction, community of learning, and constant flow of information that Facebook has brought to my blogging experience.

I do not know if I will blog forever, surely not here in this space, but I will continue to appreciate the things this experience has brought me. I will strive to make this blog, this space, as good as I can while I am here. Thank you all for being here in the garden or the in the kitchen with me. It has been on helluva time!


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8 responses to “On Why I Blog, My One Year Blogiversary.

  1. Awww! Happy Anniversary, Becky! I hope that you continue to blog for a while to come. :)

  2. I am so thankful you do blog, your information and tips are so helpful. I started my blog for the same reasons, and for the fact that I when I explain and break down a process of something I learn I am more apt to tweaking and improving it. We love what you do and keep up the fantastic work

  3. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  4. Thank you so much! And thanks for all the love and support.

  5. happy bloggy-birthday lovely! you’re doing great work!

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