Versatile Blogger Award.

I have been honored with an award from Serious Food for the Soul. It makes me think of A Christmas Story, this is my Major Award! Luckily it did not come in the form of a large and very loud piece of furniture that offends the hubs *grin*.

The rules go that you pass along the Versatile Blogger Award to 5 other fantastic bloggers. Now, I have so many that I follow, but these are five great pages (and people), deserving of the award and your looksy. Head over and check them out.

1. Savory Simple. One of the most supportive food bloggers I have ever met. This woman knows how to make me feel special. And her recipes and photos are to die for.

2. Thyme Square Garden. Pammy has an amazing blog that teaches you how to garden! She is also a fantastic pinner and one of my favorites on Pinterest.

3. Hillbilly Mom. A great blog about how to live on your own! Hillbilly Mom was the first blog to add me to her blogroll and got me to add one to my page too.

4. Baking Bad. Hilary is amazing, and what can I say, she knows Sweetwater’s Donut Mill! And she makes a really mean flour tortilla.

5. FoodThoughtsOfaWannabeChef. Chris is one of the best personalities out there, always around to give you a good laugh or fill your belly with some wonderful foods.


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  1. thymesquaregardens

    So totally honored my garden friend!!! I shall pass the award along with much pride =D

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