A Major Award, or two…or three.

So I referenced the major award scene, found in A Christmas Story, when I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Serious Food for the Soul. However, now I have two more major awards to share with you all and with 10 new bloggers. Both awards were given to me by some of my FAVORITE bloggers. They are fun, fantastic and great friends to have met in this blogging world.

The first was given to me by Melissa at Chindeep, she also has a wonderful photography venture that you can check out here. She is the most talented writer, cook and photographer. She is also one of those people that I only know electronically, through the blog and Facebook, but she is someone I look forward to “talking” to each day. She awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. This is a great award and I have some information to divulge about myself and then I will pass it along to 5 more bloggers with lovely blogs.

1. Describe yourself in 7 words: (I cheated and use hyphens:) ) motivated, passionate, ground-up, in-love, focused, multi-tasker, matriarch.

2. What keeps you up at night? The hubs, snoring!!

3. What scares you? What doesn’t scare me, the current state of our food system, irrational laws, things we should be able to control, but cannot. I find our current state frustrating and very claustrophobic, and a little helpless, though I try to keep my head, ideals, and outlook above water.

4. What are the best and worst things about blogging? I love the people I have met blogging, the people that are willing to participate, the people that I can learn from and that learn from me. However, blogging can be difficult as well. It can be a lot of pressure to get posts up and to keep followers. I have come to a nice place, a place of peace with blogging that allows blogging to be for me. I will focus on the good and disregard anything difficult or controlling about it.

5. What is the last website you looked at? While not food or gardening related, one of my favorite blogs is Rurally Screwed and it is the last one that I looked at today. I strongly urge you to check it out, follow along, and fall in love with Jessie, June and Jake.

6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? If I could change one thing about myself, it would be that I wish that I had more foresight. This is something that I have developed as I have gotten older, but however, I still wish I had it more. I often “get” stuff…too late! I wish that I could see the whole picture at the onset of a situation, it would be much more helpful.

7. Slankets, yes or no? Alright, after looking this up, I have to say NO. I have to say, I enjoy free movement and the ability to cool if needed. This item will absolutely NOT.WORK.FOR.ME.

So, basing this off of some of my most beloved daily reads, my 5 blogs of choice, for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

1. Rurally Screwed

2. Chickens in the Road

3. Chiot’s Run

4. Attainable Sustainable

5. Carolina Heartstrings

The second award, or whatever, that I received was from one of the most wonderful bloggers, FoodThoughtsOfaWannabeChef. I absolutely LOVE Chris, she is all about food and loves to share her life and experiences with the rest of us. She is a true inspiration. I have tried more recipes from her blog than from just about any of them out there, and I am never let down. She has a way with food and way with presenting it to her readers that ensures success. Chris awarded me the opportunity to post about “Bloggers Unplugged” and while I feel transparent, I do feel this is a great opportunity because I feel there is always a little room for ambiguity with a blog. So here I am, to honestly answer these questions for you.

1. Who or what inspired your blog? My husband absolutely, hands down, no contest, inspired by blog. He remains my inspiration today and I love him for it. He recognized that I needed somewhere to put my ideas (food growing, food cooking and otherwise) down on “paper” and suggested that I start a blog. He was right!

2. Who is your foodie inspiration? Would it be lame of me to again say my husband? I mean, he truly is. I mean, I have lots of inspiration, but he is the person I feed everyday, so he is the one I am always thinking of when I cook, when I adapt a recipe, when I plant my garden, when I write a recipe, it is him, he is my life so he must be my food inspiration.

3. Your greasiest batter-splattered cookbook is? Don’t have one. I mean I have something. It is a binder I started when I was 18. I have high hopes of someday cooking through the recipes I put together when I was a kid, but I wonder if I will ever get to it. In any case, I usually use my computer, and while it has grease, flour and various other food items splattered on it, it is not a grease covered cook book. Sorry.

4. Tell us about the best thing that you have eaten in another country, where was it, what was it? The best thing I ever ate outside of this country is hard to describe, insomuch as words do it no justice, but it was rice…in China. I know stereotypical, right? Well it is true. I have never tasted rice SOOOOO good as it was the very first time I tasted it in Beijing China. Seriously.

5. Another food blogger’s table that I’d like to eat at? There are so many. I don’t mean to offend by choosing one, and I promise I would never turn you down if you offered! But I have to say, based on calculation, beautiful photography, and overall character that my choice would be Savory Simple. The food is thought out, calculated and well presented. It just makes me want to eat it!

6. Who taught you how to cook? While I have much inspiration, much from the internet, much from my grandmother, I taught myself how to cook. True story.

7. I’m coming for dinner, what is your signature dish? I have signature items. But a signature dish, that is a toughy. For dishes I would say I make exceptional scrambled eggs. I have perfected any type of gravy you want, and I am on my way to perfecting stock. However, a whole dish…I would say my best dish is stuffed chicken, any type of stuffed chicken, from my ham and spinach stuffed chicken to my “cordon bleu”.

8. What is your guilty food pleasure? Easiest question ever…Cheese.

9. What is the one kitchen gadget that you would ask for this year? Just one?

10. Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn. I love Katy Perry.

Alright, now I get to pass this along to 5 more bloggers, to have them reveal answers to these lovely questions to us! People that I am dying to know more about and I hope you are to.

1. Bakeaholic Mama

2. From Scratch Club (multiple bloggers, let’s hear from more than one of them!)

3. Lori’s Latest ~ And other tales from the homestead

4. Willamette Valley Homesteader

5. A Well-Seasoned Life


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  1. Hi Becky!
    I just now got around to reading this. Love your answers. I feel like I know you a little bit better now.


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