February Planting/Seedling Update.

2/4: Planted Packman Broccoli, Fizz Kale, Candid Charm Cauliflower and Green Mint Cauliflower sowed 12/29/11 outside under plastic. I accidentally caused some minor nutrient deficiency (from what I can tell, I think it was boron) because I forgot to start fertilizing when they were old enough in the starter trays. I think they will recover just fine now that they are outside.

2/12: A quick peek at some of my onions that were planted back on 10/2/11. Looking good! The garlic is not as exiting yet, so I won’t bore you with the little buggers.

2/17: Seedlings in the house seeded 1/21 and 1/28.


Red Russian Kale.

Purple kohlrabi.

Rainbow Chard.

Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa.



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3 responses to “February Planting/Seedling Update.

  1. I love your blog. It inspires me!

  2. Your seedlings look great, I’m about 10 days behind where I need to be. But that’s okay, since Hubster needs to build the raised beds still.

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