Fizz Kale Salad.

I have not blogged in a while, surely not any recipes anyhow. I blame the end of winter blahs. But with the newly light evenings I have been getting my grove back and now that there are fresh vegetables coming out of the garden again (carrots and turnips ended about a month ago) I am feeling like getting into the kitchen some more. This lovely and very simple salad is made with fresh Fizz kale from the garden. I planted it back on December 29 and got it outside on 2/4. It was finally ready for its first harvest this weekend. I took only the largest leaves to promote future growth. We had this salad as a side to herby roast chicken.

Fizz Kale Salad. (Serves 2)


2-3 oz Fizz kale or Red/White Russian Kale, woody stems removed and rough chopped

1 medium carrot, shred

1 oz goat cheese (optional if you want to make this vegan)

1 t olive oil

1 t red wine vinegar

1/2 t agave nectar

pinch of kosher salt

pinch of fresh cracked black pepper


Make dressing in a small bowl by combining oil, vinegar, agave, salt and pepper, whisking quickly with a fork.

Toss kale and carrots together with dressing. Add goat cheese and toss again. Serve as a side.



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4 responses to “Fizz Kale Salad.

  1. Sounds yummy! I miss Kale. Do you know if it grows in hot climates? I tend to think of it as a cool climate plant.

  2. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award! Swing by my page to pick it up :)

  3. Vonnie, I too think of it as a cool weather crop, but would say you could grow it in containers in the house. I think it will do ok inside.

  4. Oh did you! I will head right over and thank you so much :)

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