Some Garden Fresh Breakfasts.

I do enjoy breakfast…a lot. Lately I have enjoyed making this AM garden fresh fare even more than thinking of something to cook for dinner. The plethora of yummies coming out of the garden has been a total delight for making a quick fresh skillet each morning. These dishes are gluten and grain free and dairy and soy free. They are light, healthful and terribly easy to make. Simply chop your vegetables of choice, sauté, cook meat if adding it, cook eggs. Devour!

Garden hash. First red potatoes coming out of the garden, basil, chard and zucchini all from the garden. Bacon, kosher salt and fresh cracked back pepper. Fried in bacon grease and topped with over easy eggs.

Garden Scramble. Garden chard and zucchini, bacon and goat cheese (*optional), garden basil, kosher salt and fresh cracked back pepper, coconut oil. Simple and oh so good.

Over easy eggs with sautéed garden chard and garden zucchini. Sautéed in coconut oil, with kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper.

Happy eating :)


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6 responses to “Some Garden Fresh Breakfasts.

  1. I tagged you on a post, last night, on Facebook, but just wanted to make sure you go the message (cause I seem to never get notices of being tagged anymore) that I got my envelope overflowing with seeds, and thank you VERY VERY MUCH. You answered a prayer this very trying week, and we both appreciate your generosity.

    Happy Growing,

    ps….definitely my kinds of breakfasts, here. YUM!

  2. Ahhh! I did not see the tag. Silly Facebook. I will head over to see it :) I am glad you got your seeds!

  3. we always need more breakfast ideas around here. who doesn’t, really? i love just chucking the left over CSA ingredients into a pan with some eggs usually. love this!

    if you like, you should swing by on Wednesday @ Gastronomical Sovereignty and link up your post with the Fresh Foods Blog Hop – it really fits within our Fresh/Whole seasonal Foods mission.

  4. Hi Kristy! Thanks for the invite. I will wander that way :) Happy eating!

  5. Wow Becky!! What yummy and healthy breakfast ideas! I’ll tell you those potatoes from the garden are the BEST EVER!! Thanks so much for sharing and so happy to see you posting xox ~ Pammy

  6. All of these look wonderful!

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