2012 – December Garden Log.

Broccoli Seed

It’s New Years Day. I suppose that means I must resolve to return to the blog in 2013…or maybe I need to because as I looked back over my 2012 posts and did not have much to show for the last 365 days. 2012 lacked luster for this girl, but on this first day of a new year, I turn a hopeful face to the next 364.

So I have started off on the right foot (and who doesn’t…) with a blog post and some gardening. I got my December planting done and right on time. On 12/30 I planted arugula (saved 2012 seed), European mesclun mix (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), packman broccoli (Territorial Seed Co), Calabrese broccoli (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), candid charm cauliflower (Territorial Seed Co), snowball self-blanching cauliflower (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), and winter red kale (Territorial Seed Co). Some of these are hold overs from my pre-heirloom, open pollinated days. Eventually we will have all heirloom seeds and save as many of those year over year as possible. Slow but steady, I suppose, we will get there.

I have all of my seeds under lights and the greens have already germinated. The brassicas will go outside under cloche in February and the greens will make their way to the kitchen when they are ready for eating. I have my 2013 planting schedule mapped and I am already looking forward to planting more later this month!

Happy gardening and of course Happy New Year!

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