2013 – February Garden Log.

December Seeds planted

February was a good month for planting outside. It was wet here but not so wet that we could not garden. We were able to get some beds dug and covered to dry out a little so they would be plantable and that really get me excited about the upcoming growing season. I know this update is a bit late, but we can all sit back and hope that because I am getting it out at all, there will be a March garden log at some point!

2/3 Today the hubs dug our first spring bed so that we can get it covered to dry it out a little before we plant.

2/17 Today we planted the 12/29 sowing outside. It signifies our first spring bed and that makes a gardener smile! Spring is in fact on its way, even if there is a little more dark, wet winter to be had before it gets here.

2/24 Today was a big day for the garden. It was lovely and sunny outside which made working much easier. The hubs dug two beds, one for the seeds that were sown in January which will be planted in a week or so and one for direct sown seeds. I planted danvers half long carrot (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), touchstone gold beets (Wild Garden Seed), and lacinato kale (Wild Garden Seed). This is earlier than I normally plant seeds outside, but they are under cover and I am hopeful I might get something to grow with expected temps around 40-50 moving forward.

I also planted some onion seeds in the house today. I planted half a tray of red of Florence and half a tray of yellow of Parma (both Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds). I have had rough luck with onions. I have tried seeds, I have tried sets. I have direct sown. This year we are going to try transplants and I am doing long day varieties in lieu of the short day overwintering varieties I have tried previously.

Happy planting!

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