2013 – March Garden Log.

march garden logWe had a fantastically lovely weekend and we got a lot of work done in the garden, including some overdue planting. Today, however, we are reminded that it is only the second of April and the chilly weather has arrived again. But my newly seeded friends are tucked safely inside under the warmth of my lights and the chill hardy spring veggies that were started earlier this month are nicely hardening off outside, waiting to be planted this weekend. Despite the cold I have convinced myself we are outside of the frost scare, which is a little early for us, but I have plastic hanging in the balance if absolutely needed. Alright, onward to last months plantings.

3/2 Planted January seedlings outside under cover.

3/4 Direct sowed alderman shelling peas (saved 2012 seed), sowed Cascadia snap peas (saved 2012 seed) in a container for transplant when their bed is ready (we are behind a little here, but they are going to be planted in the back of the potato bed).

3/8 Direct sowed radish saxa II (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) and mizuna (Seed Savers Exchange) outside undercover.

3/10 Sowed inside, poppies (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) — FLOWERS! But wait until you see what happens below, cumin (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), black sesame seeds (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), kohlrabi (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), pink passion chard (Wild Garden Seeds), five color silverbeet (Seed Savers Exchange) , snowball self blanching cauliflower (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), early Jersey cabbage (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), spinach (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds).

3/31 A beautiful day! A few days late, but I finally planted my tomatoes and peppers and a few other things. These seeds are inside under lights until the soil outside heats up enough to keep their little feet warm.3/31/13 planting day

  • Tomatoes: tomato gypsy (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), green sausage (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), purple cherokee (Territorial Seed Company), sweet pea current (Territorial Seed Company), Northern delight (Territorial Seed Company), speckled Roman (Seed Savers Exchange), Tucker’s favorite (Seed Savers Exchange), granny Ozark (Heirloom, brand unknown)
  • Peppers: Hungarian hot wax (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), pimiento de padron (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), sweet pepper king of the North (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), jalapeño, traveler strain (Seed Savers Exchange), Wenk’s yellow hots (Seed Savers Exchange)
  • Peas: direct sowed more alderman shelling peas, sowed in container more Cascadia snap peas
  • Herbs: dill traded from a friend, saved sweet mammoth basil seed from my 2012 garden, holy basil (provided by Thyme Square Gardens)
  • FLOWERS! Yes you read that right, I planted flowers from seed, not bulbs, straight up seeds. A friend traded them to me so I have four kinds of zinnias and one black eyed Susan type in! Zinnias: pom pom, green envy heirloom, dwarf pink, Mexican yellow. Black eyed Susan: Rubeckia.

Whew! I think that I am done…with March. So much to happen in April starting with a healthy dose of compost.

Happy gardening!

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  1. I am inspired. I will be hitting my flower beds and garden this weekend.

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