2013 – June Garden Log.

Hungarian Wax

6/9 Planted some more cilantro and also some genovese basil. The holy basil is not doing so well for me. I might sow some more and try again, but for today it was just the genovese that made it in the pot! We also planted more greens. The spinach (the monstruex de viroflay from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), it has been the most fantastic spinach and I just want to keep eating it so we are planting more. You saw the leaves in last month’s garden update, as big as my hand! Some of the first sowings are starting to bolt. I am hoping to be able to gather seeds for next year. We are currently addicted to mizuna (Seed Savers Exchange) so our third sowing of that went in as well. And just for good measure we planted more leaf lettuce (Botanical Interests).

Last but surely not least we planted carrots. Now that the broccoli and most of the cauliflower is out of the garden I have space to get some root veggies in. Today we planted Danvers 126 half long (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) and honda di parigi (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), which are rainbow colored in a spectrum of yellow to red, with lots of orange in between. This is our first time planting this variety of carrot and we are excited for the results! I hope to get some beets in when I free up some space where the cabbages are, maybe a little later this month.

6/20 I started some Calabrese broccoli (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), snowball self-blanching cauliflower (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), early purple Vienna kohlrabi (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) and early Jersey Wakefield cabbage (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) in seed trays for planting in the garden when they are established.

6/24 started a week of harvest. We started with the garlic planted last fall. We ended up with 171 bulbs, some as big as my hand. I think we have the perfect amount to separate seed out and keep us sustained until next June/July (but only time will tell of course). Later in the week we processed all of the red Russian kale and also what was left of the spring sowing of early Jersey Wakefield cabbage.

Just a sampling of the nice variety of sizes we have this year in our bulbs.

Just a sampling of the nice variety of sizes we have this year in our bulbs.

The month got away with us, otherwise, and we did not get more herbs planted, but we are aiming for early July to do that.

Happy planting!

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